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Learn more about UNSW’s Ovarian Cancer Research

Gynaecological Cancer Research Group

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Associate Professor Caroline Ford

Associate Professor Caroline Ford is a cancer researcher within the School of Women's and Children's Health at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre. A/Prof Ford leads the Gynaecological Cancer Research Group (GCRG), which aims to understand why gynaecological cancers develop, how and why they spread throughout the body, and how best to treat them. “Gynaecological cancer” encompasses all cancers of the female reproductive system, though our current research focuses on ovarian cancer.


“Our team of researchers at UNSW Sydney have identified a unique set of DNA regions that are altered in ovarian cancer but not in healthy women. We are now in the process of refining our long list of regions to select those with the highest specificity and sensitivity for ovarian cancer. We are achieving this through laboratory assay development to ensure our tests are highly sensitive and accurate, and by collecting blood samples from diverse groups of women (healthy women, women with benign gynaecological diseases such as endometriosis, women with a family history of cancer, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer) to ensure any test we develop is highly specific. The technology behind our test is based on detecting DNA released into the bloodstream and our goal is to develop a blood based early detection test for ovarian cancer.”

When you purchase a tee 100% of the profit goes directly towards research into developing a single early screening test for ovarian cancer.  


We only deduct the cost of the tee, printing and tiny bit to cover the cost of the site. 

We do not take a wage.

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