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We all have a "BEST BEFORE" date.  For many, that may mark the day of their cancer diagnosis, for some, it may be the day before a milestone birthday that they aren't looking forward to.


These sterling silver bread tag pendants (2.5cm wide x 2cm high) are hand made in New Zealand by the remarkable Genevieve Packer.  She graciously pulled the cast out of the archives and made a few for us.  That makes them exclusive.   They are also easily engraved or stamped with a date on the back at your local engraver or jeweler.


We chose not include chains as chain length is a personal thing.  We can source them at an additional cost. 


The cost of these hand made pendants is $75.00 this includes import costs.  The profit of $20.00 will go to our research team.


SKU: bread tag
Excluding GST/HST
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